Presented GAZ-24 with the fastest "pneuma" in Russia


No one will talk about the car better than its owner.

On the YouTube thematic channel Lowdaily, the driver presented his GAZ-24 with the fastest pneuma in Russia. The history of car acquisition is quite common. The driver, after visiting one of the exhibitions dedicated to retro cars, simply "caught fire" with the purchase of "Volga". After going through several options, he still found the 1982 cars he wanted. The model was in good condition and, after negotiating with the owner, bought it for 120 thousand rubles.

Using the Volga tuning as an example, the driver wanted to show how the Soviet model could appear in a completely different way, copying the American style of the 70s. "It all started with the classic euphemism, cutting the springs and gradually the work arrived at the installation of the air suspension", the driver will explain.

The main elements of the intake system are located in the trunk and occupy half of its space. According to the driver, the system proved to be very powerful and at the moment there are no analogues in the Russian Federation.

After the developers realized they had picked up a "ferocious game", the owner of the Volga, who can jump, decided to transform the exterior and interior of the car. Salon in GAZ-24 has been completely modified and performed in a classic American style. Installed a new radio, an unusual steering wheel, welded by chains and a dashboard.

"At the moment, the works on the car are completely finished. It has met expectations and expectations and offers great driving pleasure ", adds the driver at the end.



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