President calls on G20 leaders to face the economic crisis and COVID-19 pandemic with universal brotherhood – AMLO

2020, Year of Leona Vicar, Meritorious Mother of the Nation

During his second speech at the G20 Virtual Summit of Leaders, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador called for facing the economic and health crisis through fraternity among the countries of the world.

“Cooperation and mutual aid will allow all nations to overcome this painful period; I hope that we will be able to leave in history an example of how to face a global health threat and a serious economic crisis through the application of the principle of universal brotherhood ”, he said.

In the session “Overcoming the pandemic, restoring growth and employment”, the president proposed to make a reality the commitment to remove amounts of debt and the payment of services to poor nations of the world.

It also ensures that middle-income countries can have access to credit with interest rates equivalent to those prevailing in developed countries.

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