World President Donald Trump judges Beijing responsible for "global mass...

President Donald Trump judges Beijing responsible for “global mass killing”

President Donald Trump further raised its tone on Wednesday on China’s management of the coronavirus, saying it was responsible for “world mass killing“The White House tenant has been hammering for several weeks that the heavy toll of the Covid-19 (more than 320,000 dead worldwide, including more than 92,000 in the United States) could have been avoided if Beijing had reacted better when the virus first appeared in the city of Wuhan.

But the escalation takes on a more acrimonious tone every day. “Crazy man in China just released a statement accusing everyone except China of the virus that killed hundreds of thousands of people“Donald Trump tweeted Wednesday morning.”Thank you for explaining to this asshole that it was China’s incompetence, and nothing else, that caused this world mass killing!“, he added, without specifying who he was referring to.

A week ago, the 45th President of the United States had threatened to sever all relations with the Asian giant and assured that he no longer wished to speak to his counterpart Xi Jinping for the time being. Beijing, for its part, claims to have transmitted all the information as quickly as possible to the World Health Organization (WHO).

The dispute between the two largest economies in the world has focused in particular on the attitude of the UN agency in the face of this unprecedented health crisis.

WHO “puppet of China”

Accusing WHO of being a “china puppet“, American President Donald gave him a month to initiate reforms and obtain significant results. Otherwise, he threatened to leave this body, of which the United States was traditionally the main contributor.

Beijing responded by accusing Trump of trying to “evade its obligations“towards the organization. Zhao Lijian, spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, strongly criticized the attitude of the United States, accused of”sully China’s efforts to tackle the epidemic“.

Zhao urged Washington to “stop blaming the fault“on his country and to focus instead on containing the virus on his territory, where more than 1.5 million people were infected.”There have been mistakes and gaps on the American side, their lies are always more numerous“, he asserted, denouncing virulently”these manipulative American politicians“.

Beijing hostile to free countries

In mid-March, the same spokesperson echoed, without any concrete evidence, a theory that the US military imported the virus into China. At a press briefing on Wednesday, Mike Pompeo, head of US diplomacy, said the Covid-19 crisis marked the end of Washington’s illusions about forging close ties with China. “We have largely underestimated how hostile, ideologically and politically, Beijing is to free countries“he said, hammering that the Asian giant was led by”a brutal, authoritarian regime“.

The Communist Party of China’s Response to the Wuhan Covid-19 Epidemic Improved Understanding of the Reality of Communist China“, he added, deploring, inter alia,”censorship“regarding the pandemic within this country.


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