President of Bolivia is “asymptomatic” to Covid-19, says her doctor

The transitional president of Bolivia, Jeanine Áñez, who tested positive for coronavirus on Thursday, is an “absolutely asymptomatic” patienthis personal physician said Friday.

The 53-year-old right-wing president, who is also a candidate in the September 6 elections, “She is stable”, isolated in the presidential residence and “she is absolutely asymptomatic, she does not have any symptoms that are related to the coronavirus“, Said the pulmonologist doctor Andrei Miranda to the television station Cadena A.

“Being in contact with people who have tested positive for Covid, (Áñez) was tested to determine whether or not she was a carrier of the virus, giving a positive result“, Explained the specialist the day after the president announced that she had coronavirus.

This is the second case of a South American president with coronavirus, after Brazilian Jair Bolsonaro announced on Tuesday that he tested positive for Covid-19.

In Venezuela, the number two of Chavismo, Diosdado Cabello, announced on Thursday that he contracted the virus.

Áñez, who succeeded the leftist Evo Morales after his resignation in November 2019, appears in third place in the electoral polls, with 16.9% intention to vote.

Morales’ dolphin, Luis Arce, leads with 33.3%, followed by former centrist president Carlos Mesa, with 18.3%, according to the latest polls published in March.

Three members of Áñez’s cabinet, including the ministers of the Presidency, Yerko Núñez, and of Health, Eidy Roca, had announced in recent days that they were also infected.

Áñez said Thursday in a video posted on his Twitter account that he underwent the covid-19 test due to multiple positive cases among his collaborators.

“I took the test and I have also tested positive,” Áñez said in that message. “I will be in quarantine for about fourteen days until I do a new test,” he added.

Other members of the government, such as two vice ministers of Health, and the president of the Central Bank of Bolivia, Guillermo Aporte, also tested positive.

The Minister of Public Works, Iván Arias, reported this Friday to the Uno television network that Áñez “got up very early.” “His message is that he is stable,” he added.

Bolivia, with 11 million inhabitants, accumulates 44,113 infected and 1,638 deaths.

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