World President Piñera presents a social committee to support the...

President Piñera presents a social committee to support the most vulnerable sectors

On Solidarity Day, the President presented the table made up of the Ministry of Social Development and Family, civil society, the private sector and the municipalities. It will be in charge of the distribution of US $ 20 million among social organizations to accelerate the delivery of aid during and after the Covd-19 pandemic.
Santiago.- The President of the Republic, Sebastián Piñera, presented this Tuesday the first meeting of the Social Protection Committee, a multisectoral body of public-private collaboration that will allow coordination with the different actors of civil society to respond quickly to those who most need help.

The agency seeks to articulate the work of civil society, municipalities and public-private collaboration to promptly reach those who need it most.

“Solidarity must be a value that always illuminates our paths, but it is especially necessary in the hard times we are living,” said the President after leading a first meeting of the instance and taking a tour of the Shrine of Father Hurtado.

“And it has to address those who do not have the ability to raise their voices or to apply pressure, who are always the weakest, who do not have a voice and who cannot press. Children, the elderly, the sick, the lonely, the abandoned. There we have a long way to go and a great challenge to face ”, added the Head of State, who was accompanied by a group of older adults and by the Minister of Social Development and Family, Karla Rubilar, and of Cultures, Consuelo Valdés ; the general chaplain of Hogar de Cristo, Father José Yuraszeck, and the mayor of Estación Central, Rodrigo Delgado.

The Social Protection Committee is chaired by Minister Rubilar and made up of the undersecretaries Alejandra Candia, of Social Evaluation, and Sebastián Villarreal, of Social Services; Rodrigo Jordán, president of the Community of Solidarity Organizations, as representative of the Civil Society Organizations; Patricio Donoso, president of the Chilean Chamber of Construction, as a representative of the private sector; Rodrigo Delgado, president of the Association of Municipalities of Chile; Fernando Paredes, president of the Chilean Association of Municipalities, and Cristián Balmaceda, president of the Association of Rural Municipalities of Chile, as representatives of the country’s municipalities.

The table has among its functions the design of a proposal with public, transparent and accountable allocation criteria for the distribution of the US $ 20 million fund that was announced in the “Agreement for Social Protection and Job Recovery”, aimed at to civil society and cultural organizations.

The initiative seeks to prioritize the attention to the greatest social challenges during and after the pandemic, focusing on primary needs, such as food, shelter and shelter.

The plan also seeks to support the work of civil society organizations, which represent 310,000 full-time national jobs, 3.7% of the country’s workforce.
“The work that social and cultural organizations do is absolutely fundamental,” said the President.


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