President Sebastián Piñera announces the start of payment of the Emergency Family Income

The president of the Republic, Sebastián Piñera, announced this Wednesday the beginning of the payment of the Emergency Family Income, product of the serious health crisis that Chile is experiencing as a result of coronavirus and it already benefits 1.2 million Chileans.

The amount of this bond reaches 340 thousand pesos and is constituted for families that have six members in their circle and also, This benefit also includes an adult over 70 years of age who receives the basic solidarity pension, ”said the President.

It should be noted that, During this day, 620 thousand households received the Emergency Family Income and added to the 529 thousand that they had already received this contribution on May 23.

“When the coronavirus pandemics and the global recession pandemic are beating so many families, that’s when the State has to deploy all its strength and muscle to protect the Chilean families that need it, it is an obligation that constitutes a first priority for our government ”, he closed.


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