President Trump Issues Warning Following 21 Missile Strike On US Embassy In Baghdad | La Libertad newspaper

The US government of Donald Trump and his troops are on high alert after the rocket attacks that were registered on the night of Sunday, December 20, against the American embassy in the Green Zone, Baghdad, Iraq, the same attack that did not succeed due to because the waves of bursts from the C-RAM anti-missile system protect the Embassy headquarters against this type of attack, which is why the rockets and mortars fired were intercepted.

However the attack was carried out, so President Trump issued warnings against Iran after the largest rocket attack on the US embassy in Baghdad since 2010: “A friendly health council for Iran: If an American dies, I will hold responsible to Iran. Think about it, ”he said.

“Our embassy in Baghdad was hit by several rockets on Sunday. Three rockets were not launched. Guess where they were from: IRAN. Now we hear talks about additional attacks directed against Americans in Iraq, “President Trump said from his Twitter account.

Last year on this same date a serious public order situation arose at the United States Embassy in Baghdad, after Iranian-backed militias besieged the diplomatic headquarters after the USAF bombardment of Kataeb Hezbollah camps in the north of the country.

The initial information spoke of 8 rockets fired by the Iranian-backed militias around 8:30 p.m. local time, against the International Zone in Baghdad that houses the United States Embassy.

However, a post-action review by the US Central Command, Centcom found that the attack included many more missiles, and about half of the 21 weapons landed within the US embassy compound.

On Wednesday, President Trump warned that at least one Iraqi civilian had been injured in addition to damaging the embassy compound.


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