Presidential campaign: Biden officially nominated for the US Democrats

The US Democrats have formally nominated Joe Biden as their presidential candidate. As expected, the 77-year-old received the required number of delegate votes at the largely virtual party congress.

The US Democrats have nominated Joe Biden as their candidate for the White House. As expected, the former US Vice President received the necessary number of delegate votes at the largely virtual party congress. He will run against US President Donald Trump in the November 3rd election. “It means the world to me and my family,” said Biden. “Thank you thank you thank you.” The 77-year-old will speak at the end of the party conference on Thursday in Wilmington, Delaware, and formally accept his nomination.

After a series of primaries, Biden had already announced in early June that he had all the votes necessary to secure the party’s candidacy. Incumbent Trump is set to be officially named candidate at the Republican party conference next week.

This year the party convention is mostly virtual

The corona pandemic has turned the Democrats’ plans for the party conference on their head. Originally the meeting was planned in a large hall in Milwaukee, Wisconsin – with tens of thousands of guests. The four-day traditional mega-event was reduced to two hours of programming per day, which is broadcast on many television channels and online. Few Democratic representatives are at the original venue.

During the vote for the nomination, representatives of the states and territories of the USA typically announce the distribution of the delegate votes – and use the appearance to make political demands or praise their homeland. This year the procedure was in a compressed form – videos from the individual parts of the country reminded of the awarding of points at the Eurovision Song Contest. The speeches by politicians, activists or workers revolved around Biden’s plans for the economy and experiences during the corona pandemic – there was also criticism of Trump.

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Biden promises unity

Biden promises to unite the country as president. He wants to lead out of the corona pandemic and rebuild the economy, which has been severely damaged by the crisis. He also promises to work for more justice and to stand up against systematic racism. The 77-year-old was Vice President under Barack Obama for eight years.

He wants to vote with the Californian Senator Kamala Harris, who would be the first black female vice president of the USA in the event of a victory. Harris is due to be nominated tomorrow and then deliver her nomination speech. Biden had considered numerous women as “running mates”. During the nationwide debate on racism and police violence, pressure had increased on him to choose a non-white woman.

Biden is ahead of President Trump in nationwide polls. However, due to the complicated electoral system, the surveys have only limited informative value. Biden has so far done well with a cautious election campaign in which he has taken account of the pandemic. The Democrats are underscoring their message of sending a responsible candidate into the race for the White House. Because of Trump’s loyal base, they are dependent on a broad coalition of supporters, from disappointed Trump voters to the party left. The hope is that moderate Biden can unite these behind him.


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