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Press: Internet and mass media:

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova called on the United States to hold The New York Times (NYT) accountable. So she reacted to an article in which the outbreak of coronavirus in the United States was associated with a campaign aimed at the collapse of American health care, allegedly by Russian President Vladimir Putin. Zakharova published her opinion on Facebook.

According to the representative of the department, the US authorities should hold accountable all those involved in the misinformation about the coronavirus pandemic. “The material“ Putin’s Long War Against American Science ”is a masterpiece of disinformation,” wrote Zakharova.

NYT previously published an article claiming that the Russian leader “played an important role in spreading false information” about diseases and epidemics – “that was part of his broader plan to discredit the West and destroy the enemy from within.”

Over the past few years, a regularly discussed topic in the American media has been the influence of the Russian side and Vladimir Putin on politics in the United States. Since the end of 2016, it has concerned the interference of Russia in the presidential election. Moscow denies these allegations.

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