Preventive detention for six alleged Colombian hitmen for the attack against the Ecuadorian candidate

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The demons of the Americas star in the first hours of the investigation into the assassination of Ecuador’s anti-corruption candidate, Fernando Villavicencio, produced a few days before the presidential elections on August 20. Hitmen, drug trafficking and organized crime emerge from the shadows of the plot that the local security forces, with the help of the FBI American and the colombian policehave begun to unravel after the murder of the journalist, the main civil whip against the corruption of the previous government.

In the midst of the state of exception imposed by the Government and with a despondent and fearful country, the State Attorney General’s Office began yesterday the process against the six alleged Colombian hitmen detained during the operations on Thursday. The investigators have found 22 elements of conviction to accuse all of them, including the two men who were recognized in the vicinity of the scene of the attack, in Quito. They have been ordered preventive detention for 30 days due to the “serious danger of flight.”

The candidate of build and of the movement Good people received several long-distance shots, according to ballistic tests. Among the confiscated weapons is a rifle, whose projectiles match the casings found in the vicinity. Investigators also found the fingerprint of one of the six Colombians on the motorcycle used to flee the scene.

Thanks to the different searches carried out in the capital, two motorcycles and a stolen vehicle were found, in whose trunk part of the vehicle was hidden. commando arsenal: rifles, four pistols, a submachine gun, four ammunition boxes with 348 cartridges and two rifle magazines, as well as three grenades. Previously, the Police had detonated a grenade thrown at the crime scene.

The Colombian media reported at the time that the six detainees have extensive criminal histories, mainly related to drug trafficking, but which also include homicide, theft and illegal possession of weapons. Andrés Manuel Mosquera, José Neider López, Adey García, Camilo Andrés Romero, Jules Castaño and Jhon Gregore Rodríguez would be part of different organized crime groups, according to the Ecuadorian authorities.

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