Previously available, much cheaper: Xiaomi Falt-Phone should beat everyone


No smartphone with a folding display is still available on the market, but Samsung and Huawei manufacturers have already put their cards on the table with the Galaxy Fold and the Mate X: both models will cost over 2000 euros. Now there are reports that Xiaomi wants to promote customers with its foldable phone with an early launch on the market and compared to the very small price.

Gnostiger and previous available: Xiaomi wants to position her Faltphone well

Currently there is no living demand for smartphones with folding displays. Above all, the models presented so far share a factor that could curb a lively market launch: the prices of € 2,000 for the Samsung Galaxy Fold and well over € 2,000 for the Mate X should act as a barrier even for true fans. As GSMArena reports, Xiaomi seems to be preparing to place an alternative right here.
The fact that the company itself is working on a foldable smartphone, which can even fold in two places, has been known since the beginning of the year, in which the CEO had presented a prototype of the device in a short video. As the report shows, Xiaomi plans to bring a similar device for the price of 999 euros in Europe on the market.

As the report informs, the company is currently in charge of the folding smartphone with the name Mi Fold and Mi Flex, here you will probably decide shortly before launch, as it should officially call. The report also wants to be able to provide specific information at the beginning of the market: based on this, the company will initially supply the Chinese market between April and June, after which a global launch will follow. For comparison, the Galaxy Fold is expected in the second quarter of 2019, the Mate X was announced in mid-2019.

Screen not from Samsung

For the display, Xiaomi wants to rely on the supplier Visionox Technology, which also produces the folding panel based on OLED technology – here it will be necessary to show how this component compares with the Samsung display. Furthermore, the Xiaomi device should also be able to compete in terms of specifications with the most expensive folding phone competition. A Snapdragon 855 SoC and 10 GB of RAM are provided.

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Foldable, foldable smartphone, folding display, Xiaomi Mi Flex, Xiaomi Mi Fold
Foldable, foldable smartphone, folding display, Xiaomi Mi Flex, Xiaomi Mi Fold



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