Price Drops Pretty Dalem, Avanza Until Panther’s Price Is Like This – In November 2021, several types used car experienced a significant drop in prices.

The drop in used car prices was due to an unstable economy and the implementation of PPKM.

This price drop also occurred in used car dealers in the Jakarta and Tangerang areas.

To stimulate the market, some car dealers lowered the selling price of their cars.

Used cars whose prices have dropped also vary, ranging from Rp. 5 million to Rp. 40 million.

For example, the New Avanza 2015 All New GA/T 1,500 cc, the price of used was initially Rp. 115 million to Rp. 110 million, down by Rp. 5 million.

Then there is the Isuzu New Panther for the touring type in 2004, Rp. 78 million, initially Rp. 93 million, the price decreased to Rp. 15 million.

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For those whose prices have dropped to IDR 40 million, namely the 2014 Mercedes-Benz B200 Urban, initially IDR 270 million, now IDR 230 million.

“Mercedes-Benz prices have dropped quite a lot in just 1 week, because the age of the car is over 5 years old and the demand is not enough,” said Sukandar, owner of the Jaya Mobil car showroom, Jelambar Jakarta (6/12).

One of the used car dealers in the Tangerang area, also experienced a decline in prices for several types of cars it sells.

“For example, the BMW sports line in 2014 is now Rp. 295 million, two weeks ago we offered Rp. 315 million, there was a decrease in the price of Rp. 20 million,” said Lili Susanti, owner of the Jaya Mobil car showroom, Jl. Serpong No. 56 Tangerang.

The following is a list of used car prices that experienced a free fall in their selling prices, our data can be obtained from used car dealers in the Tangerang area and Pricelist

Type Year Price
Panther Touring 2004 IDR 78 million
Chevrolet Spin 2014 IDR 100 million
New get moving 2015 IDR 110 million
Mercedes-Benz B 200 2014 IDR 230 million
BMW Sport line 2014 IDR 295 million


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