Price of the dollar today Friday, September 4


Mexico City / 04.09.2020 09:18:04

When starting operations the dollar price today Friday is up to 21.96 pesos in banks. Meanwhile, the exchange rate Interbank rate is located at 21.51 pesos per dollar, with an advance of 0.71 percent. The currency is on track to post its fourth profitable week.

Citibanamex sell the dollar at 21.96 pesos, while BBVA Mexico does it at 21.82, Banorte at 21.80, Santander at 21.70 and Azteca Bank in 21.39 units.

He weight The Mexican market raises its highest level since June 9 after an employment report in the United States, in which job growth slowed in August, although the unemployment rate fell.

How is the exchange rate going?

Banco Base indicated in a report that the appreciation of the peso continues to be driven by the expectation of economic recovery in the United States.

“As is customary, every time the employment report is published in the US, the currency reacts with ups and downs while operators end up assimilating the figures. In addition, the Mexican exchange market is attentive to news about COVID-19 treatments and the situation of technology companies on the US stock exchanges, “CI Banco said for its part.

Dollar in real time

He euro It is sold at the window for a maximum of 25.92 pesos and is bought up to 25.43 pesos. For its part, libra Sterling is offered at 28.90 pesos and purchased at 28.43 pesos.

The Bank of Mexico (Banxico) registered the previous session an exchange rate of 21.63 pesos per dollar.

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