Priluchny could not resist and passionately kissed the half-dressed Brutyan, grabbing her by the neck.

Pavel Priluchny has long been a famous actor. He admitted that he loves spending time with friends and family. However, work gradually began to take up a lot of his time.

In 2020, the artist divorced Agata Muceniece, who later admitted that her husband’s behavior began to frighten her. Now the ex-spouses are friends and remain good parents for their daughter and son.

For two years, Pavel preferred to remain silent about what was happening in his personal life. But now the actor no longer hides his romance with Zepyur Brutyan. Rumor has it that they signed at the registry office and are preparing for a wedding in Armenia, where they recently spent their vacation. Priluchny never ceases to amaze the chosen one. Now they have arrived in the Maldives.

The day before, Pavel admired his beloved, who, in short dress flaunted against the backdrop of sunset. She also arranged a photo shoot in a swimsuit.

Apparently, the actor can not restrain his feelings. In the new video, Brutyan ate fruit in a bathing suit. At that moment, Priluchny kissed her passionately, grabbing her neck with his hand.

By the way, Zepyur was not at a loss and repeated the kiss, having already taken the initiative herself.

“My magnet,” she declared.

Fans admitted that they had not seen Paul so happy for a long time. Many wonder when their love was born. The actors met while filming the series “In a Cage”. Then Priluchny was still married.

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