Priluchny’s wife and children attended the premiere of the film he voiced

The animation “Cats of the Hermitage” was presented by Polina Gagarina and Roman Kurtsyn, who took part in the voice acting

Photos provided by the press service

The social premiere of the cartoon Cats of the Hermitage was held at the Karo 11 Oktyabr cinema center. The stars who voiced the key characters of the animation, Polina Gagarina and Roman Kurtsyn, walked along the red carpet.

Pavel Priluchny, who also took part in the work on the tape, could not attend the show in person; instead, his wife Zepyur Brutyan walked along the red carpet with their children Timofey and Mia.

“There is no my image here, but there is my voice, together with the director we found an interesting timbre for my hero cat Max,” the press service reports Priluchny’s words. – I think it turned out cool. And in general, I like to voice cartoons, because my children then watch them with pleasure and review them several times.

“Cats of the Hermitage” is a cartoon about the famous four-legged inhabitants of the St. Petersburg Winter Palace. The main character is the cat Vincent, who escapes the flood in an old harpsichord together with the mouse Maurice and ends up in the St. Petersburg Hermitage, where he meets an elite feline squad that has been protecting works of art from mice and other pests for centuries.

The guests of the evening and the first spectators of the Cats of the Hermitage were Bedros Kirkorov with his grandchildren, Vladimir Marconi with his children, Ekaterina Kabak, Vladimir Sychev with his family, Natalya Zemtsova, Igor Mirkurbanov, Elena Borshcheva, Olesya Sudzilovskaya, Alena Chekhova, Yulia Beretta, Dmitry Krasilov and others .

The Hermitage Cats cartoon will be released on March 23.

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