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An indiscretion, no denial and a half confirmation: Matteo Renzi he is seriously thinking about running for the Democratic Party primaries. It is what is circulating in the last hours in the dem, not only in those close to the simple senator of Scandicci, which only 24 hours ago had assured not to deal with the Congress. The umpteenth bluff of the political career of 'former Rottamatore? Soon to say, but in the meantime three facts must be recorded. The first: nobody from within the magic circle at the moment has denied the sensational indiscretion. Second: the deputy Ceccanti – very close to the former premier – said that the hypothesis of a candidacy "is not from to exclude". Third: according to what was confirmed a by some non-Renzian exponents, the former secretary commissioned a flash survey a sWG. The question posed to possible voters was very simple: who would you vote in the gazebo of the Democratic Party between Zingaretti, Martina is Renzi? It is obviously impossible to know the result of the survey, but already the fact that it was performed represents one news. And confirms the rumors: Renzi is thinking about it serious.

For him it would be the third time and the only thought of the tris (on previous occasions Renzi had won with Bulgarian percentages, while he had lost those of the center against Bersani) has indulged not just the senator. The request to reapply, as written by theHuffington Post, came directly from his loyalists, terrified of becoming irrelevant and marginal in case of victory of Nicola Zingaretti. The other Renzian names circulated in the last hours, moreover, are not expendable for the current: if Guerini has already said not to not have to give up driving the Copasir, be it Ettore Rosato that Teresa Bellanova they are hypotheses that do not tickle the top of the Magic Lily. In the meantime, the work and contacts of Luca Lots and the other Renzian generals go on to try to find a solution that allows the current not to dissolve the basin of votes. At the moment in vain. Hence the crazy idea: ask a Matteo to try again, which would push other ninety party parts – Orfini and Delrio in the first place – to return to the Florentine fold. With a good chance of making a result. To read the web newspaper directed by Lucia AnnunziataRenzi did not say no, but he did not even answer positively. Instead, he commissioned the survey a sWG. With a specific goal: to understand if there can be a match and, at the same time, to check if there is a risk of turning the gazebos into a referendum for or against him, just as happened for the consultation of 4 December 2016 with the constitutional referendum, or the beginning of the electoral decline of Renzi. Who is thinking of revenge, yet another. Some say, moreover, that it may have been directly him to ventilate the crazy idea of reapply, but this reconstruction has not found any confirmation.

Waiting to understand if theindiscretion become reality or not, it remains to understand what would result in a return to the field of Renzi from the perspective of other currents dem. Zingaretti is at the window and it is not said that with Renzi candidate on his name can not converge all other non-renziane areas of Democratic party. The thought immediately goes to the stream of Marco Minniti. Retired precisely because of the lack of support of Renzi and his men, the former minister of the Interior awaits the outcome of the events and only halfway through the month will decide what to do. Excluding categorically the possibility of supporting theformer secretary, Minniti should choose between Martina and Zingaretti, risking to become decisive in the game, especially if he decided to stay with the governor of Lazio (which at the time would be on pole in the choice of former minister). More nuanced, but always present, another hypothesis: the one that sees Renzi out of the Democratic Party and found his own party. In this sense, yesterday the possibility of Renzi joining the initiative of Cittadini2019, the civic project conceived and organized by Sandro Gozi (observing) on ​​the example of Ciudadanos and of En Marche. Eventuality that does not stand up. More plausible, however, that in the event of a split Renzi points to head a series of movements civic distinct, with Cittadini2019 to represent one of the many petals of the new lily, civic before magic. Two hypothetical roads to follow, then: apply in the primaries or make a party. Which one will Renzi choose? Between hypotheses and conjectures, the words of the trust remain Ceccanti ("Do not rule it out." He is a man of a thousand resources and a thousand surprises "), the survey commissioned to sWG and the words of the same Renzi Yesterday: "I do not work on something different". Finally a tweet after the indiscretion on his return he started to circular: "I'm a secretary, my friend's fire hits me. I resign and ask me to stay in silence. I shut up and they ask me to speak. One day I have to leave, one day do the secretary. But we can talk about policy instead of talking every day of me? ".


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