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Primark opens in Warsaw. We were in the first chain store in Poland [RELACJA]

The first thing that hits when you enter Primarkait’s space. The Warsaw salom has an area of ​​3,660 sq m. on two floors, and shelves and hangers with clothes are arranged so that there is no problem with moving between them. This ensures comfortable shopping.

Primark opens in Poland

The Polish salon, however, is only a fraction of the possibilities of the Irish chain, whose store in Birmingham holds the title of the world’s largest clothing retailer. The English facility occupies as much as 14.8 thousand. sqm on five floors. In turn, one of the Primarks in Amsterdam is located on seven levels. The history of the brand began in 1969 in Dublin, under the name Penny’s. Half a century later, Primark has 382 stores in 13 European countries. There will be a showroom in Prague by the end of 2020.

Consumers in Poland have reportedly been demanding for a dozen or so years. As we learned at the press conference on the occasion of the opening, the plans to open the network were born at least 13 years ago in the head of one of the brand’s heads for Poland. Primark was supposed to open the door to customers last year, then there was talk of spring, but the pandemic thwarted the plans and extended the process of introducing the brand to our market by another six months. In the end, however, it worked, and the opening was attended not only by representatives of the company and investors, but also by the Irish ambassador to Poland, Emer O’Connell, and Grzegorz Pietruczuk, mayor of the Bielany district.

In the store, of course, you can see the trace of the pandemic – all checkout counters are fenced off with plexiglass windows, and throughout the store there is information on safety rules related to COVID-19.

Checkout in Primark photo by Kacper Kolibabski

Primark has created 250 new places in Warsaw working. The recruitment has been going on for a year and some of the employees have been training abroad. The company’s headquarters in Poland and a training center are also located in Galeria Młociny.

Space for Primark employees in the backSpace for Primark employees in the back room photo by Kacper Kolibabski

What prices does Primark have and what can you buy in it?

Primark is a clothing chain very popular in Europe, among others due to its low prices the clothes she sells. I could hardly find products more expensive than PLN 100 in the store. This category included a jacket for PLN 110 and jackets for PLN 175. The remaining products rarely came close to this border. You can buy a T-shirt for as little as PLN 13, the cheapest men’s perfumes cost the same. Shoes cost about PLN 40, but you can have sneakers for PLN 24. Pants oscillate around PLN 50. The five-pack of the cheapest socks costs PLN 11.

In the fast fashion category, Primark has little competition outside of bazaars and markets. Such low prices are achieved by thanks to mass orders. Annually, she sells 27 million packs of socks (135 million pairs) only in women’s departments. Costs are also reduced by well-organized logistics, and the products are packed so as to “not carry air”. Primark only sells in brick-and-mortar stores, although there are signs that it can also enter e-commerce.

A large selection of underwear, socks and shoesA large selection of underwear, socks and shoes photo by Kacper Kolibabski

The entire store is divided into different sections to facilitate orientation and shopping. And what can you buy in Primark? Virtually everything that falls under the categories “clothes, home furnishings, accessories”. We were assured that the range of Polish Primark is the same as in stores in Berlin, Amsterdam and London. However, it’s hard not to get the impression that some clothing does not fully keep up with the fashion, and the patterns are in line with the trends from 5-10 years ago. Nevertheless, the choice is so wide that basically everyone will find something for themselves.

In the “house” section we can buy scented candles, bedding, pillows, towels and some kitchen utensils. In the accessories section, you can find chargers, phone cases, car holders, headphones, cosmetics and make-up accessories, among others.

The vast majority of Primark sells their own products, but you can also find, for example, Kappa socks, as well as licensed brands such as Disney’s, Pixar, clothes and accessories from the Harry Potter franchise and Marvel heroes.

Over 30 changing rooms and cash desks

Warsaw’s Primark has as many as 35 changing rooms on two floors. In addition, each room is so large that you do not necessarily have to go to the corridor to see yourself in the mirror.

Changing rooms in PrimarkChanging rooms in Primark photo by Kacper Kolibabski

You can pay for your purchases at one of the 35 cash desks. Each of them is marked with a number that facilitates organization. When space becomes available, the next customer is informed about it with a sound signal and information about the number of the cash register to which he is to go. Returns, exchanges and complaints can be made at each checkout, which is indicated on the plates at all stands. We have 28 days for the first of the two activities, and the funds will be returned to our account or in cash, instead of going to the gift card, which happens in some stores.

Taking into account the prices and the fact that the products are made of good quality materials, it seems that Primark may well hit the Polish market. At the same time, other chain stores, such as H&M and Zara, are unlikely to lose customers, because Primark offers a slightly different range.

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