Prince Andrzej loses his military ranks. He will no longer be called His Royal Highness

“The Duke of York will still not take up any public duties,” we read in a statement which at the same time emphasized that In the case of a sexual assault, Prince Andrew is a private person and he will defend himself against the allegations in this way. The finally collected patronage over the organizations will be transferred to other members of the royal family, inform the British media.

In 2020, officially, Prince Andrzej himself asked for the suspension of the honorary nomination to the rank of admiral, which he was to receive on the occasion of his 60th birthday. Prince Andrzej served in the Royal Navy from 1979 to 2001. In the meantime, he participated in, among other things, the Falklands War.

Being a member of the royal family also means sponsoring selected organizations. Over the years, Prince Andrzej patronized about 200 organizations related to, inter alia, sports, economy and charity. However, in November 2019, he made public that he was resigning from cooperation.

Also in November 2019, Prince Andrzej issued a declaration of withdrawal from public life and ceasing to perform his duties on behalf of the crown for an indefinite period.

Yesterday a federal court in New York dismissed the efforts of British Prince Andrew to dismiss the suit against him. This means that later this year the son of Queen Elizabeth II will be tried in court for the sexual assault against a 17-year-old in 2001. The Duke of York flatly denies the allegations.

The Daily Mirror revealed on Friday that Prince Andrew was urgently trying to sell a mountain cabin in Switzerland to cover legal costs in a pending sexual abuse lawsuit by Virginia Giuffre.

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