Prince Charles takes a plane to do 200km and his gesture absolutely does not pass

People and royalty

This week, the father of princes Harry and William did the opposite of what he advocates for the climate. And this has not escaped the notice of some.

At the beginning of November, he had spoken in front of the COP26 assembly for a cause that is close to his heart and has over the years become his number one hobbyhorse. Committed to the climate, the prince charles no longer miss an opportunity to highlight the climate cause. But still it would be necessary that his speech be accompanied by coherent actions.

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According to information from Mirror reported this Saturday, the Prince of Wales is at the heart of a resounding controversy for having taken the plane during a trip which only included 200 kilometers. He had to go to RAF Mildenhall Air Force Base to catch another plane and unfortunately did not resort to to his electric vehicle, which he nevertheless often promotes.

An obviously disastrous choice for the environment, but also financially much more costly. Critics were quick to rain against the future king of England, especially on the side of Graham Smith, an activist at the head of the Republic association.

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The latter accused Prince Charles of being hypocrisy and wasting taxpayer money. A tackle that is far from going unnoticed in the United Kingdom.

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