Prince Charles wrote a letter to Princess Diana the night before the wedding. He had different feelings about him, but he made himself a confession

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Prince Karol the day before the ceremony was to pass present and a letter to the Clarence House residence where the Duchess Diana she spent last night single. According to the English expert Penny Junor, the Prince of Wales, although he had different feelings, always wanted to be a support for his chosen one.

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Princess Diana received a touching gift from Prince Charles

The night before the wedding, Diana spent time with her sister. It was then that she received a note from Prince Charles, and with it a ring with the Prince of Wales engraved with feathers. According to the British “The Express”, son Queen Elizabeth he was to be very proud of his future wife and assured them that they would stand at the altar the next day.

I am so proud of you and if you come, I will stand at the altar for you tomorrow – Prince Charles was to write to Diana.

Prince Charles regretted his decision

The expert says that the son Queen Elizabeth he quickly regretted his decision. The duchess became cranky and canceling the wedding was out of the question. The Prince of Wales thought it was too late for that.

Charles was not convinced that he had done the right thing to marry Diana, but there was no way out. He believed that things would turn out differently after the wedding and expressed hope for it, wrote Penny Junor in “The Duchess: Camilla Parker Bowles and the Love Affair That Rocked the Crown.”

The couple married on July 29, 1981. The ceremony was watched by over 750 million people around the world. The marriage officially lasted until 1996.

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