Prince Charming gay reality show participants

Prince Charming“is now available on the platform. The first two episodes were made available to users on Tuesday (October 12). The new program was particularly promoted in the media targeted at the LGBT + community. Because it is the first gay reality show in Poland.

The main character is Jacek Jelonek, a 34-year-old model who has had photo sessions for many prestigious fashion magazines from around the world. In the program, 13 men are fighting for the favors of the title “prince from a fairy tale”. They all live in a villa in Spain, cut off from the outside world, and the prince’s task is to conduct group meetings and individual dates with each participant. The main character gradually eliminates more men from the program that he does not like. In the finale of the dating show, he will have to decide which participant he wants to create a longer relationship with.

“Big change in the TV market”

Bartek Ufniarz from was waiting impatiently for the premiere of “Prince Charming”. – This is the first Polish program with the participation of gays. I belong to this community myself, so I was looking forward to the first episode, although I did not know what to expect – Bartek Ufniarz tells – Already after the first episode you can see that this program will be happening. There were dramas, touching moments, lots of funny situations. I am glad that we managed to collect such different personalities – it means many views on problematic and socially important issues, especially for the community LGBT+. What more could you want from a reality show? Or maybe we should expect more from such a show? – the journalist asks rhetorically.

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Tomasz Reich, editor-in-chief of and lecturer at Collegium Civitas (image management in the media) also watched the new dating format with interest. – I turned on “Prince Charming” out of curiosity. Besides, I am a journalist, so I watch everything that is happening on the market – Tomasz Reich tells us. He admits that the new format fits into today’s television model. – Dating programs have long been very popular. It came to us from MTVin which many teenagers watched such a television show. The time has finally come to start making programs of this type at a high level in Poland, carried out in beautiful surroundings, in exotic countries. This is a big change on the TV market – notes the lecturer at Collegium Civitas.

“Good pace, empathetic leader”

Tomasz Reich adds that “Prince Charming” is much more interesting than other dating reality shows, such as “Hotel Paradise” or “40 versus 20” (both shown on TVN7). – This program brings with it a breath of freshness that those productions lacked. It has a very good pace, it is perfectly assembled, it creates an atmosphere, sometimes it keeps you in suspense. And most importantly: a very successful selection of the leader – says Tomasz Reich.

Travel blogger Agnieszka “Aggie” Lal was the host of the show. – This is not a mannequin to shine. When I read that this program will be hosted by a blogger, I was afraid that there would be another average presenter. Meanwhile, we are dealing with a very empathetic, emotional, natural person who works great in conversations with participants. You can see it and feel it. This is a huge plus of this program – says Tomasz Reich.

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The lecturer believes that making hype around this reality show is unnecessary. – I hope that “Prince Charming” will break stereotypes related to gays. Already in the first episode we saw the quarrel between the participants. One of the men asked the other, with more feminine features, that his effeminate behavior spoiled the image of gays – describes Tomasz Reich.

“Prince Charming” will be released on TV?

Bartek Ufniarz reminds that this type of format must evoke emotions. – They are the most important in such a program, and I was not bored while watching the first episode. If the rest are completed at the same pace, I bode this production a success. I feel that many people will look at “Prince Charming” out of curiosity, because it is extremely loud about it and never before has such a production featuring gays shown. I hope that the program will soon appear on television, because in this way it has a chance to reach a much wider audience – says Ufniarz.

Tomasz Reich thinks similarly: – “Prince Charming” should immediately go to TVN’s schedule.

Our findings show that after a few months the reality show can be shown on television. – At the moment, no decision has been made on this matter, and in principle, no talks are underway on this subject. But I would be pleased if “Prince Charming” was released on open television, thanks to which the program would gain an even larger audience – Lidia Kazen, programming director of TTV and told us.

“An important event for the LGBT + community”

Tomasz Reich wonders if the participants of “Prince Charming” came there to look for love or popularity. – In the case of “Hotel Paradise”, no one is hiding that he takes part in this reality show just to get more followers on Instagram. If it is only to serve this purpose, it is a pity to waste time watching this program – Tomasz Reich tells us.

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Rafał Piekoszewski, creative producer of “Prince Charming” told us that “great heroes were selected, which we managed to compose and diversify nicely”. He added that the program was implemented in such a way that “the content would be interesting for all viewers, not only for the gay community”.

– I would very much like programs with the participation of gays in Poland not to arouse sensation and come as no surprise. Unfortunately, we must wait a while for that – comments Bartek Ufniarz. – Our media is constantly discussing whether same-sex couples should appear in dating programs, in “Dancing with the Stars”. Or maybe the farmer should look for a husband? Will the LGBT + couple finally appear at “Hotel Paradise”? The fact that only gays are involved in this program should not be controversial in itself. On the other hand, I am glad that this program arouses so much emotions, because it is an important event for the LGBT + community, which in Poland is under attack from many sides. I hope that the Polish edition of “Prince Charming” will bring a lot of good. We will definitely discuss this program for a long time.

The program “Prince Charming” consists of 21 episodes, which will be made available each Tuesday and Thursday (one episode) on the website


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