Prince Edward’s unequivocal comment on Kate reveals what he really thinks of her

Kate has always enjoyed special protection, it is said, in order to be able to grow into life in the royal family. “William grew up with attention, but Catherine didn’t. (…) I think William and Harry and my brother (Charles) did their best to make their transition into public life as smooth as possible. “ The whole family was enthusiastic – “because she is absolutely adorable, very charming and a perfect companion for William. “

And indeed: Kate is a loving wife and mother, attracts attention with kindness and a charming smile, has no airs and shows high commitment to the community. Catherine Middleton, her maiden name, devotes her life entirely to the service of the “company”, as the royal family are called. “Kate is exactly what they need and what they want, “Royal experts are convinced. Since the death of the Prince Consort Philip in April it seems that Kate is also increasingly on the charm offensive.

Perfect future queen

She presents herself in a particularly good mood at appointments, perfectly staged family photos and videos paint a picture of the relaxed family idyll. A dedicated YouTube channel recently made the young, fresh image change seemingly perfect. Also nobility connoisseur Katie Nicholl noticed a change. Kate is currently following in Prince Philips’ footsteps as the “glue that holds the company together” in these difficult times and has meanwhile become the “greatest capital” of the British royals. “The royal family recognizes that they have a key player here and puts her at the center,” said Nicholl 60 Minutes Australia. Philip has always brought the family back together after difficulties. “He was the patriarch of the family. I see Kate taking on his role now. She’s trying to keep things together,” continued Nicholl.

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