Prince Harry, Florence St. George and why the former Duke of Sussex is glad they broke up

Today we see Prince Harry in the image of a balanced young man who truly keeps his family and is ready for anything for them. But years ago, the heir to the British crown was known as his drunken outbursts and attraction to beautiful women that did not last long.

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One of Prince Harry’s exes is also model Florence St. George. She is now 35 years old and married to millionaire Henry St. George, but she remembers well the time she was with Megan Markle’s current husband. The two met for several months in 2011.

In a new interview for Stella Magazine, the Russian model admits that this period was for her a real nightmare. The media wrote new stories about her every day, and there were always journalists and paparazzi at her door.

“I’m taking my hat off to those people who can handle this kind of lifestyle. I knew I couldn’t“, Florence admits, apparently referring to Prince Harry’s current wife.

She also adds that she may have been sad then that their relationship was over, but now she is really happy that it was short-lived. Because the fact that their relationship was the center of attention, had a very bad effect on her anxiety, she was quoted by the Daily Mail.

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And her confession comes amid warnings from Prince Harry and Megan Markle about how toxic the media and social media can be and how they can literally turn your life into a mosquito.


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