Prince Harry will come to England alone. Meghan, however, will not appear at his side at the unveiling of the statue of Diana

It’s official! No more illusions! Meghan will not come to England for the unveiling of the statue of Princess Diana. During important celebrations, Prince Harry will be alone, without his wife and children. The reason for such a decision is the fact that the prince’s spouse is new to childbirth and should not go on such long, tiring journeys.

On July 1, an important event for the British. It is then, at Kensington Palace, that the unveiling of the statue of Princess Diana is planned. The royal family will take part in this celebration. Harry is also supposed to fly from the States.

It was rumored that the prince would be accompanied by Meghan. The informant “Radar Online” argued that Markle was touched by how coldly the family treated her husband during the funeral of Prince Philip. Apparently, she did not want her beloved to experience such difficult moments alone in July.

Now it turns out that nothing will come of Meghan’s arrival in England, and Harry will once again have to face his relatives alone.

The official reason for the absence of the prince’s wife from such an important event is that she is actually freshly born. She recently gave birth to a daughter and apparently still needs to rest. Long journeys are not recommended. And most of all, stress is inadvisable, and such a visit would certainly be associated with considerable nerves.

The situation is still tense after Meghan and Harry publicly slandered the members of the royal family and accused them, inter alia, of about racism. Apparently, the queen wants to finally discuss this with her grandson.

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The press argues that Elizabeth II invited Harry to tea. They are supposed to talk, among others named Sussex’s daughter. Apparently, the queen was very surprised that they named the girl as her relatives say to her, that is Lilibet.

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