Prince Harry’s companion in the army: “Id ** ts. I’m glad he left the country” – Free time – – Woman

The 44-year-old former sergeant Trevor Kohl, who won the highest military award in 2005 for the shooting of three terrorist suicides in Iraq, stressed:

“Although Harry had promised the rest of his life to fight and help the war veterans, the prince had turned his back on all of them at the first difficulty.”

Harry, a former army officer who fought in Afghanistan, had written to Trevor himself two years ago to support the veterans’ campaign and stop the tragic consequences of the war – the suicide of veterans. Trevor, who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, believes the prince has gone out of his way since he associated his life with Megan.

Trevors Kouls

PHOTO: Screenshot of the video

In addition to his royal duties, Harry has relinquished official military ranks, including the duties of the Royal Marine Corps.

The veteran said: “He has become a complete idiot. His comments are contemptuous and to some extent I am even glad he has left the UK. Many of the soldiers in the British Army are also from the Commonwealth community. They fought alongside Harry and he should remember that. ! “

He is now burying his family. He says he wants to distance himself to focus on his own affairs, but constantly makes calls in the Zoom program.

He seems to be seeking attention himself, but support for him is disappearing en masse.

We honor Harry for his past war veterans, the disabled. It ‘s sad that it’ s all over, because he did a really good job, “said Colt.


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