Prince Louis & Queen Consort Camilla: Body Language Expert Reveals The Unbelievable

Queen Camilla Camilla: Tense as Charles leaves her behind

James revealed to The Mirror that Camilla at her first Christmas appearance as the king’s wife “awkward” looked.

Camilla’s body language signals that she is tense and nervous in public,

according to the expert.

Yet of all people, little Louis supposed to have a sensor for that predicament his step-grandmother and then entered the scene. James explains the situation as follows:

As the royals emerged from the church, Charles seemed in high spirits, gesturing and laughing with the clergy, but left Camilla behind.

Body language expert: “Prince Louis wants to help Camilla relax”

One unpleasant situation for the already stressed 75-year-oldwho tried to position herself next to her husband. However, once more “tense inside” and “awkward” looked.

The way Louis stepped away from his parents to join Camilla and chat with her suggests he wanted to cheer her up and help her relax,

Judi James is sure.

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