Prince of Rap returns and here is the trailer

“The Prince of Rap” and actor Will Smith they have launched the trailer of the reunion, which is full of reunions, anecdotes, laughter, tears and a lot of nostalgia.

The series of Prince of Rap catapulted Will Smith to fame, because the comedy he presented won the affection of millions of followers around the world.

Now with the meeting of the actors in various programs, it is the turn of those who gave life to this series.

Well, 30 years away, A trailer was released for the public to get ready to see what awaits them.

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Nostalgia is one of the feelings and elements most noticed to generate productions in the entertainment industry.

And a few decades ago many series and films became iconic and fundamental in pop culture.

So much so that they created a fan base that not even with the passing of the years forget the good times they lived while watching these stories.

This is how we can find the series “The Prince of Rap” is filling his followers with nostalgia.

The trailer of the meeting that will have all the actors who participated in the acclaimed series, has been revealed with that tonic.


From the hand of HBO Max, the video was released whose duration is 2.33 where the protagonist appears explaining the situation.

Accompanied with images that will move to those who grew up with this mythical series.

A surprising fact is that it will count with the participation of actress Janet Hubert.

Hubert who played ‘Aunt Vivian’ of the first three seasons, following the alleged rumors that mentioned that she had a bad relationship with Will.

Check out the trailer for the Prince of Rap here:

Source: CNN

Images from: Instagram / T13

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