“Prince William, child and sulky”: this touching video of Diana and her two sons which resurfaces

(c) 1ladyydianawales on Tiktok

Fans of British royalty are delighted. A video showing Princess Diana with her two sons, William and Harry, then aged 4 and 2 has resurfaced on social media, showing the eldest of the two children sulking as he does not want to come out of hiding.

In these old images, widely shared on TikTok, the Princess of Wales is filmed playing with her children in the gardens of Highgrove House, Prince Charles’ home in Gloucester in 1986.

The two brothers dressed in camouflage uniforms seem to enjoy the joys of outdoor games. After making the swing, Prince William refuses to come into the house and addresses his mum saying, “No, no, no”, before finding a hiding place. Diana then rushes to tease him and manages to convince him to get out of there by saying, “Okay!” Harry will have fun on his own.”

Prince Harry is most of the time in his mother’s arms when he is not playing with his older brother Prince William.

One of the TikTokeurs comments on this video with nostalgia: “A normal mom with her normal children. My God, I miss her”.

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