Prince William visited the club in Warsaw

Prince William must have surprised Butero’s staff when he and his associates decided to visit her in the evening. As found out “Daily Mail“, it was the palace staff who were responsible for booking the premises. The prince was to ask if he could join them after working hours.

It is known that he ate a meal for about PLN 50. what did he order? Challah with pulled beef with fries and garlic mayonnaise. According to the service’s report, he was wondering what to try for quite a long time.

As the owner Paweł Zasim admits, they did not know who they would host. “We booked a table for 12 in Daisy’s name. It was supposed to be her birthday party. But suddenly a security guard appeared, followed by Prince William,” he tells the English daily.

Photos from this visit appeared on Instagram on the profile of Michał Zaczyński, who commented on them: “Warsaw can surprise. I had lunch with the prince today.” In the next photo, he wrote: “I also wonder if he chose a de facto gay place. It’s valuable that he supported the community so abused by the current authorities in Poland.”

The restaurant is not just a restaurant. According to its owners, they want to work at ul. Bracka a kind of house of culture, which is why they organize e.g. movie nights or karaoke. It supports the LGBT+ community, calling itself “Your queerspace with comfort food”.

The heir to the British throne unexpectedly visited Poland. He was in Rzeszów, where he met British soldiers, and in Warsaw, where he visited a refugee center with President Rafał Trzaskowski. He also laid a wreath in front of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier with the inscription: “In memory of those who made the highest sacrifice.” It was only two days after his arrival that he found time for President Andrzej Duda.


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