Princess Astrid flashed for speeding: she was driving 120 km / h

Princess Astrid was flashed for speeding on a Liège motorway. No exception for the King’s sister, she will have to pay her fine, like everyone else.

At the wheel, Astrid is a driver like any other. And if it does not respect the highway code, it will also have to pay like the others. Unlike Philippe, she does not benefit from immunity.

According to Sud Presse, the princess was flashed on the A3 near Awans in the province of Liège, in the direction of Brussels. The radar photographed the plate of a Mercedes registered in his name on October 24. The speed is normally limited to 90km / h on this section. But Princess Astrid’s car was traveling 120 km / h, and the corrected speed was 112 km / h, according to the report.

A small difference sufficient to receive an immediate collection of 125 euros. Quite rare behavior on the part of the princess, unlike other members of the royal family. We obviously think of his brother Laurent, regularly pinned down by the courts for his excessive driving and deprived of a license on several occasions.

Astrid will therefore have to pay for this offense. Unless she disputes it, if someone else was driving for example.

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