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In an exclusive interview given by Prince Albert to People magazine, Princess Charlene is being treated at a hospital outside Monaco. It is said that it was decided to see a doctor just a few days after the princess returned. According to Prince Albert, his wife needed medical help due to severe emotional and physical exhaustion. The 43-year-old princess will have to spend a few weeks at Charlene Hospital.

“She felt good in the first hours of her return, but it became clear a little later that she was feeling unwell,” said Prince Albert, 63.

According to the monarch, the decision to receive treatment outside Monaco was made by Princess Charlene herself.

“We sat with her brothers and her brother-in-law. She had already made the decision to see a doctor, and we wanted her to confirm it in our presence. She knew it was best to seek qualified help, but not in Monaco. For privacy reasons, we have decided to seek treatment elsewhere, “said the princess’s spouse.

Photo by Vida Press / Princess Charlene of Monaco

Prince Albert hurried to dispel speculation that the princess’s emotional health had plummeted due to the crisis in their two marriages. Rumors that the Prince of Monaco and his wife are on the verge of divorce have been echoing for months.

“I will probably have to repeat it a few times, but it has nothing to do with our relationship. I want to emphasize this very clearly. Neither the problems in our relationship nor our family relationships in general are related to it. Those ailments are different, “he said.

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“She was very exhausted both physically and emotionally. When she returned from South Africa, Charlene was no longer able to carry out her official duties, and in general she was unable to live a normal life, including family life, ”said Prince Albert, on the need for medical care.

Photo by Vida Press / Monaco Princess Charlene with family

Photo by Vida Press / Monaco Princess Charlene with family

Princess Charlene has been in her native South Africa since early May. She could not return home due to severe inflammation of her ear, nose and throat, which had to endure even a few surgeries. Prince Albert considered that these could also have contributed to emotional exhaustion.

“It is clear that the operations performed in recent months have contributed to the deterioration of her emotional and physical condition. It certainly had an impact, but I don’t want to comment further. All I can say is that she felt very tired, slept poorly for a few days and didn’t eat anything at all. “She lost a lot of weight, making it even weaker, more susceptible to other ailments – colds, flu or even Covid-19,” the prince said, but hurried to emphasize that his wife had not contracted the virus.

Due to a long stay in South Africa, Princess Charlene missed her 10th wedding anniversary, which sparked talk of spousal disagreement. The couple has repeatedly denied talk of a possible divorce. However, as soon as word spread about Princess Charlene’s departure from public life, the speech was revived.

“I know there are all sorts of rumors going on, let me say it straight away: it’s not Covid-19, it’s not about cancer, it’s about problems, it’s not about plastic surgery,” Prince Albert said.

Photo by Vida Press / Princess Charlene of Monaco and Prince Albert

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Photo by Vida Press / Princess Charlene of Monaco and Prince Albert

Prince Albert has assured that his wife will be visited at the hospital with the children of six twins, Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella. These, according to the prince, are informed of the mother’s state of health.

“I told them my mother was tired and needed to rest. I told the kids that my mom wasn’t far away and they would be able to see her soon. Children of this age already understand, “he said.

“I cannot say exactly when we will visit her, but we will. Definitely not in the coming days, she needs time to get proper medical help. Treatment usually lasts for several weeks. “We’ll see when we can see it,” added Prince Albert.

Despite the difficulties in the family, it is probably impossible to see Prince Albert in public without a smile. “I can’t walk sad because this period is stressful. I’m OK. Of course, I am saddened by this situation, but I know that Charlene is in a good place, so she will recover soon, “said the Monarch of Monaco.

However, speaking to the Page Six portal, the princess’s friends were worried that the Prince of Monaco would not reveal the true health of Princess Charlene. According to news portal sources, the princess, who had suffered several surgeries in South Africa, was very exhausted, lost a lot of weight, and was on the verge of life and death.

“It is unfair to portray her as having any mental health or emotional problems,” the source said. “We don’t understand why the House is downplaying its health problems.”

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A source close to the princess assured that Princess Charlene had serious sinus and swallowing problems after surgery.

“Because of the surgery, she could not eat solid food for more than six months,” the source said. “And he could only drink fluids through a straw, so he almost lost half of his body weight.”

Princess Charlene’s friend stressed that the princess doesn’t really have a mental health problem.

“She was exhausted from endless operations and unable to eat properly,” the source said. “Besides, she missed her children and husband insanely while she was trapped in South Africa.”

Photo by Vida Press / Monaco Princess Charlene with family

Photo by Vida Press / Monaco Princess Charlene with family

A former South African Olympic swimmer married Duke Albert in 2011. Their two sons, Jacques, are now the heirs to the throne of the 700-year-old Grimaldi family.

European lifestyle magazines have suggested that the royal couple is approaching divorce.

Charlene has been living in South Africa for the past few months, and media reports say she wants to buy a home in her homeland.

Albert II’s parents were Rainier III, Duke of Monaco, and Grace Kelly, an American film actress who died in a car accident in 1982.


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