Princess Elisabeth has finished her military training: what was the point? What is she going to do now?

Princess Elisabeth completed a three-day course at the commando training center in Marche-les-Dames. The intensive course brought his year of training at the Royal Military Academy (ERM) to an end, the royal palace said in a statement on Friday.

Could the princess be sent on operation?

At this point, after only a year of training, there is no question of sending the students to the field. The first year is used to acquire the basics, and then recruits specialize if they wish.

Why did Elisabeth take this training?

When she is queen one day, she will also become head of the armies. It is therefore important that she understands how Defense works, that she learns about it from the inside. She also took a lot of theoretical courses at the Royal Military Academy.

That said, we may not be immune from a surprise. Because according to our information, the princess has enjoyed her military experience so much that she wishes to be able to keep in touch with the school, with the defense. And it is not excluded that she renews the experience, perhaps by following new camps.

What will the future queen do?

Elisabeth is still young. She will be 20 in October. She must complete her university education, because it is important to have a solid background when you have the destiny of a future queen. In particular, knowledge of political science and economics is required. His father, King Philippe, had for example studied in Oxford in England, and then political science in the United States at Stanford.

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Elisabeth has returned registration files, she has not yet received all the answers. But what is certain is that she is going to study abroad. Why? Because in Belgium, his private life is too exposed. However, she shouldn’t go too far. Because she wants to stay close to her country and her family. She obtained her baccalaureate in Wales. She may therefore follow in her father’s footsteps and continue her education in the UK.

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