Princess Sofia in an emerald gala dress matching her wedding tiara for the performance dinner at the Royal Palace

The royal family of Sweden intended to impress its guests this April 6, for the big return of the traditional dinner of representation, which had been canceled two years in a row due to the health crisis. For this big comeback, the princesses of Sweden had released their most beautiful finery. Princess Sofia, wife of Prince Carl Philip, was no exception in her magnificent green dress, wearing her wedding tiara on her head in its emerald version.

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Emerald green total look for Princess Sofia at the performance dinner

The ambassadors of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Ukraine were the prestigious international guests of this dinner representing the Swedish royal family. Each year, King Carl XVI Gustaf organizes a gala evening to bring together political representatives of the country but also prestigious guests, who have worked with distinction in their field.

For this gala dinner, during which a Scandinavian menu was served in the Charles XI room of the Royal Palace in Stockholm, the members of the royal family were on their thirty-one. King Carl XVI Gustaf, Prince Daniel and Prince Carl Philip arrived on the arm of their respective wives, Queen Silvia, Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Sofia. Princess Christina, the king’s sister, also made an appearance in a purple dress.

King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia welcome Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel, followed by Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia (Photo: Jonas Borg/Kungl. Hovstaterna)

The King of Sweden’s daughter-in-law wears her wedding tiara in its emerald version

Queen Silvia wore a German-made royal blue dress, the Crown Princess Victoria was in red and wore the Boucheron laurel wreath tiara, as for Princess Sofia, she had opted for a total green look. She wore a silk satin dress from the Swedish house Dagmar. Prince Carl Philip’s wife had already worn this dress during the Nobel Prize party in 2016. The dress trails slightly on the floor at the back.

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Princess Sofia wears a green dress, which she matched with her green satin clutch. She wears a brooch with a pearl, pinned to the sash of the order of Seraphim (Photo: Robert Eklund/Stella Pictures/ABACAPRESS.COM)
Princess Sofia in her emerald green dress by Dagmar (Photo: Instagram/Prinsparet)

On her head, Princess Sofia wore her own tiara. Princess Sofia’s palmette tiara is a jewel that she received from her future in-laws on the occasion of her marriage to Prince Carl Philip in 2015. This tiara was made in the greatest secrecy, on the basis of of a jewel belonging to Queen Silvia.

Princess Sofia wears the tiara with diamond earrings with emeralds (Photo: Robert Eklund/Stella Pictures/ABACAPRESS.COM)

A journalist fromAftonbladet picks up information from Svensk Dam, according to which this tiara was not made by a major European jeweler. It was made on the basis of a necklace that Queen Silvia had received from a Thai prince. The necklace was sent back to Thailand, to its designer, to transform it into a tiara. We have never been able to find out what the original necklace looked like, nor what parts of this necklace were used.

The palmette tiara was previously worn higher on the head, like on her wedding day, when Sofia wore the jewel for the first time (Photo: Mattias Edwall/The Royal Court of Sweden)

The tiara was worn by Sofia Hellqvist on the day she became Princess of Sweden at her wedding to the King’s son in 2015. Princess Sofia wore it that day with nine emeralds which top each of the nine palm leaves . The relatively simple tiara takes up this very popular and very frequent motif of palmettes, stylized palm leaves.

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In the following years, Princess Sofia wore her tiara a lot, this one being truly hers. To adapt her tiara to her style of dress of the day and to give it another aspect depending on the circumstances, she changes the precious stones as she pleases. We have therefore already seen the tiara with palmettes surmounted by emeralds but also by large pearls or diamonds.

In this photo, Princess Sofia wears her palmette tiara in its version topped with diamonds instead of emeralds (Photo: Linda Broström/The Royal Court of Sweden)

The tiara was also worn on top of the head, more like a crown, during the early years. Subsequently, the curvature of the tiara seems to have been widened to be worn in a more classic way, a little more like a headband.

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