Prison officer ran off with prisoner

Early in the morning of Friday, April 29, Prison Officer Vicky White, 56, took Casey White, 38, out of jail and explained that she would take him to the Lauderdale County Courthouse in Alabama.

Vicky White herself said that she would later see a doctor because she did not feel well.

Since then, no one has seen the prison officer and the prisoner. Despite the same surname, the two are neither married nor related.

Left hotel in wig

A pat hunt was started for the two, and almost 11 days later the hunt came to an end.

according to CNN Vicky White was spotted leaving a hotel in Evansville, Indiana, wearing a wig. Shortly afterwards, she and Casey White left the scene in a car.

Police continued to monitor the couple, before they later ended up driving into the car they were in. Police then managed to remove Casey White from the wrecked car.

LEFT THE PRISON: Here, the surveillance camera captured Casey White and Vicky White as they left the prison. Photo: HANDOUT / AFP

However, Vicky White was found in the car with gunshot wounds to the head, writes CNN.

According to the TV channel, she shot herself.

– Never comes out

She was taken to hospital, but her life could not be saved.

Casey White will now be transported back to the Alabama Jail.

– He will be in a cell for himself, and will be held in handcuffs and cells while locked up. If he wants to sue me for violating his civil rights, then so be it. He will never get out of this prison again, I can promise you that, says Sheriff Rick Singleton according to CNN.

It is not known why the prison officer ran away with the man charged with murder.

– This escape was obviously well planned and calculated. They had put a lot of preparation into this, says the sheriff.

Questions about time

Singleton says the couple had plenty of resources, cash, vehicles and everything they needed to make the plan they had made.

– That is what has made the last week and a half so challenging. We started with blank sheets, and they also had a six-hour lead over us.

However, the sheriff was never in doubt whether they would find the duo in the end.

– I always expected this outcome. It was just a matter of time.

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