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The one of Dayane Mello it is undoubtedly the paparazzata of the day, if not of the week. The Brazilian model, revealed to the general public by her participation in the Big Brother Vipwas caught in the center of Milan with two very talked about friends: on the one hand the model colleague dana saberon the other the super-glamor Soleil Risesalso a former gieffina vip and very launched in the world of reality TV Mediasetnot only (and no longer) as a competitor.

For once, it is not Soleil that makes the show, but the Dayane-Dana duo. The Brazilian clings to the street like Saber, kisses her passionately on the mouth, smiles mischievously, continues her effusions. The friend actually seems a bit perplexed, displaced, but she does not shy away from the erotic raptus. All under the lens of a paparazzo, who takes pictures and shoots a video then resumed on Instagram from the gossip page Ma Dagospia rightly points out two revealing moments.

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The scene seems anything but “spontaneous”, certainly not “stolen”. Razor-sharp images, condescending glances. In short, everything seems to have been designed to “cause scandal”. Perhaps, Dago suggests, it is Dayane’s stunt “short of visibility after running out of reality shows”. The reference is first to participation, as mentioned, in the GfVip with attached very intimate friendship with Adua Del Vescothen to the Brazilian reality show La Fazenda with dramatic controversy for a non-consenting sexual intercourse in front of the cameras (later denied), however, in conditions of poor presence of mind due to too much alcohol. Another suspicious point: Soleil, as soon as she sees her friends kissing, exhibits a very photogenic expression of surprise, only to darken later, once she realizes that she is “the third inconvenience”, in her shadow. Grand finale with Dayane who, not paying, tries to move Dana’s hand to her own Side Bbut Saber doesn’t seem very convinced … Did the game go too far?

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