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Buying a used car may not be easy. It has long been no longer just dishonest car dealerships where we are in danger of running into them. Many tricks and methods have also started to be used by private sellers who want to get rid of their car. How often can people interested in a used car manipulate it?

Another interested party

Apparently, there is no older fool than the one about the other candidate. Both the car dealership and the private seller start talking about having one more buyer. The reason for this story is clear. Make the buyer feel that the car will run away from him. He does not hesitate and immediately signs the contract. Despite the fact that a few minutes ago he was not completely sure about the purchase and wanted to think it over.

Discount for quick action

Another of the well-known tricks that can manipulate people interested in a used car into an immediate purchase. Simply put, if he doesn’t hesitate too much and signs the contract quickly, he will get a discount. It is supposed to give him the impression that the owner will sell the car even below the price and that he, the buyer, will make money on the purchase of a used car. However, it is often a well-known trick to pressure the buyer into signing the contract and avoid him thinking about buying a car for any length of time.

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The car is elsewhere

In the past, this was a specialty of car dealerships, when they let those interested in used cars rush to a completely different, more distant branch. Sometimes private sellers do a similar trick. They have no problem driving the car tens of kilometers away just so that the potential buyer has it as far away as possible. Why? Because when he has already traveled a long way, he does not want to return empty-handed, so the probability that he will end up buying a used car, even if he is not 100% satisfied with it, increases.

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The car is sold, but…

A well-known trick of car dealerships, which advertised cars on the Internet that had already been sold a long time ago. And instead they offered something similar to those interested. This practice is increasingly common among private advertisers as well. They are attracted to the perfect car, which of course is not available, but coincidentally their friend is selling something very similar.


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