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Posted: Saturday 8 December 2018 – 0:23 | Last updated: Saturday 8 December

The Lebanese artist Darine Haddad participated with the artist Ashraf Abdel Baki and her theater group of young stars in the new opera "Khlbabita" in the fourth season of the "Theater of Egypt".

The comedy "Kholbayta" saw the absence of actress Sarah Derzawi and replaced the Lebanese artist Darin Haddad to incorporate one of the roles of the show, which raised questions about what are the reasons for this?

To illustrate why Sarah Darzawi was absent and actress Darren Haddad was acting in the show, Nader Salah El Din, director of Egyptian theater, told "The actress Draine Haddad will only participate in the new show "Khabbalita" which will continue for the next week, as a guest at the theater of Egypt, as in the case of the participation of Suleiman Eid and Saad al-Saghir and others ".

Darin Haddad has published some of his photos at the Egyptian Theater through the new show "Khlbabita".

The "Theater of Egypt" will be set up from the fourth season on the Grand Nile Tower Theater in Garden City every Thursday, Friday and Saturday every week.

It is worth mentioning that the theater "Theater of Egypt" of Ashraf Abdul-Baqi has taken part in the role of Ali Rabie, Mohammad Abdul Rahman, Hamdi Al-Mirghani, Mustafa Khater, Mohammed Osama "Us Us", Karim Afifi, Dina Mohsen Wizo, Israel Abdel Fattah, Sara Drezawi, Abram Samir, Hamed Mohammed, Beshwa Tahir and Mohammad. Wael Al Awni, Mustafa Bakeet, Mohammed Anwar, Decor Engineer Mahmoud Sami, Hala Al Zahawi, band director Hasan Naguib, and performances by Nader Salah El Din, director Saeed Hamed and production of Sadik Al Sabah.

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