Pro-Palestine protesters protest in front of the main synagogue of Melilla and the president asks that foreign conflicts not affect coexistence

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Several hundred people demonstrated in the center of Melilla on Wednesday night as a show of support for Palestine and Some of them have gone to the main synagogue of the city, Or Zaruah, located in the very center.

Part of the protesters, with Palestinian flags, have shown their rejection of Israel’s actions in front of the Melilla synagogue, which has required the deployment of National Police agents to avoid incidents.

Given this situation, the president of Melilla, Juan José Imbroda, has called on the people of Melilla so that the “exemplary coexistence” that the different cultures have in the autonomous city is not affected by “external conflicts”, in reference to the situation between Israel and Palestine.

Given what happened, Imbroda, in a recorded message, recalled that “Melilla has distinguished itself, among other things, for being an example of coexistence, respect, solidarity, peace and freedom among the different cultures that make it up.” giving “lessons to the world” that the great monotheistic religions can “live in peace and closeness.

“May this peace that we have achieved through the wisdom of all the people of Melilla continue to prevail. May foreign conflicts, no matter how painful they be, not affect this exemplary coexistence that we people of Melilla have,” Imbroda requested.

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