Producer Jiang Zhiqiang writes in memory of Anita Mui’s movie “Anita Mui” to be released in

Original title: Producer Jiang Zhiqiang issued a message in memory of Anita Mui, and the movie “Anita Mui” was released in November

October 10, 2021 is the 58th anniversary of Anita Mui’s birth. On the evening of the 9th, Jiang Zhiqiang, producer of the film “Anita Mui” and president of Anle Films, issued an article on why this biographical film was made, reminiscing about Mei Mei’s 2003 filming of him, which could be passed down to the world. “The movie”, and Zhang Yimou’s regret that Zhang Yimou’s “Ambush on Ten Sides” failed to cooperate with him.

Jiang Zhiqiang misses Anita Mui’s toughness, strength, kindness, and righteousness even more. He hopes that this “Anita Mui” can “officially return a movie to Sister Mei”, and he also hopes to leave a little strength to an era that may no longer be familiar with this name.

It is reported that the movie “Anita Mui” is supervised by Jiang Zhiqiang, directed by Liang Lemin, starring Wang Danni, Louis Koo, Lin Jiadong, and Miriam Yang. It will be released in mainland China on November 12.


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