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Bold experiment

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Thomas Heuzeroth

Product: Galaxy Fold. Supplier: Samsung.

MSometimes it takes a long time before a device is ready for testing. Samsung had already presented its Galaxy Fold in February. A few months later, the company released the smartphone for a short time, then quickly picked it up. Some testers had noticed obvious shortcomings, especially on the display. It was just the device's star screen. Because it can be folded. The engineers had to run again and the beginning of sales was postponed. Now Samsung is launching a new start. WELT was traveling with Fold for two weeks to test the device.

In short, the Fold has six cameras: three main cameras on the back, a twelve megapixel camera, coupled with a depth sensor inside and a ten megapixel selfie camera on the front. All cameras have produced good results in the test, they are about the same level as the Samsung Galaxy S10. On the front there is also a small 4.6-inch display. If the device is bent, messages or calls are displayed there.

In fact, it's a full-featured display that lets you do anything you do on an Android smartphone. But who wants it, if he can unfold the fold? So it starts to be really fun. A 7.3-inch display is available inside, practically a small tablet that is reduced to manageable dimensions. In the test we almost only wanted to use this display. In fact, you want to leave the device only bent to make a call.

It seems that Samsung is thinking about what users want to do on the big screen. Therefore it is also possible to run three applications or windows in parallel. However, the windows are rather small, so they are not really good to use. We have always used a fill of the application format. The display is very suitable for this.

For movies only, the black bars are visible at the top and bottom due to the 4.2: 3 format. But anyway: for movies, the Galaxy Fold is perfect – and for games like the title of the "Asphalt 9" race. The transfer of some apps from the outside to the internal display works fine at the opening of the device. Although, after some practice, we were able to open and fold the fold with one hand. Usually take both hands.

Conclusion: with Galaxy Fold Samsung has established a new category of devices. The fold looks like high quality processed. Yet it is still an experiment, a first generation with which Samsung dares something. Fold has a very fast integrated processor, like a power bank capable of charging other devices wirelessly and has generous 512 gigabytes of memory.

The package includes a protective case and the Galaxy Buds wireless earphones. However, the device with 276 grams is very heavy and often like two smartphones, which are located one on the other. If you want to be part of this experiment, pay 2100 euros. But the Fold can trigger the fifth generation of 5G technology, provided you can find an antenna.



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