Production separates from Sara Mortensen


For 7 years, Sara Mortensen played Professor Coralie Blain in Plus belle la vie – France 3

The actress has put an end to the rumors that have been published for a few hours. Sara Mortensen announced through her Instagram account to leave the series More beautiful life.

The actress tells the magazine TV entertainment the conditions of his departure: "It is not my will. We will say that I have been thanked. It always hurts when it happens. I have always proclaimed loudly that to leave More beautiful life it wouldn't be my fault, but it was done very quickly. (…) The production of More beautiful life I needed this summer, but for personal and professional reasons, I couldn't. In fact, we saw Sara Mortensen play for France 2's crime fiction Astrid and Raphaëlle next to Lola Dewaere.

Coralie remains

For the past 7 years she has played the part of Coralie Blain, a mathematics teacher at Scotto High School in the Mistral district, nicknamed "Terminator" by her students. A key character in the saga that will not disappear: in fact, Sara Mortensen will be replaced by another actress, "a real blow club" for her.


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