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During the weekend in Pirogov, 1,950 patients were immunized with AstraZeneca. 4200 are the total vaccinated in the previous period. We were able to enable many people to come and make informed choices about vaccination themselves. This was stated at a briefing by the director of Pirogov, Prof. Asen Baltov.

“Immunization will take place in the same order as in recent days. The four phases will not stop. The effect of the” green corridors “was astounding and they remain after 1 pm for those wishing for the Oxford vaccine (AstraZeneca),” he added.

Here is where you can get vaccinated against COVID-19 in Sofia

“As long as there are people, we will vaccinate. We usually immunize until 5:30 pm, but if necessary, the time can be extended. People will not be returned,” he added.

Regarding immunization with another type of vaccine, Prof. Batov said that the choice depends on the supply. “Each shipment will be distributed to the RHIs in the country,” Pirogov’s boss said.

“During the day there were calls for side effects from the vaccine – general malaise and fever, nothing more serious. During the vaccination at the checkpoints there were no severe allergic reactions,” said Prof. Asen Baltov.

Prof. Baltov: “Green corridors” will remain during the week, if there are vaccines

Vaccinated people should not drink hard alcohol over 50 g. Wearing masks must be mandatory.

“There is evidence that after the second dose, the immunized are not contagious,” concluded Pirogov’s director.

Radina Lazarova


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