Profepa captures black bear that fell asleep in Monterrey – Noticieros Televisa

Elements of the Profepa and Civil Protection they captured a black bear who fell asleep outside a house in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon.

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The black bear fell asleep outside a house in the Valle de San Ángel neighborhood, Spanish sector, so the neighbors reported it to the authorities.

According to the first reports, the animal was located by the owners of a residence located in the private Alcázar and Alcázar, where the elements of Parks and Wildlife arrived with the support of Civil Protection of San Pedro, they reassured him with a dart and he was later transferred to the state Parks and Wildlife facilities.

According to preliminary information, it is the same bear that walked the streets of the sector constantly, and that had been fully identified by the ring in one of its ears.

According to state authorities, the bear could be transferred to Chihuahua, since it has been relocated to its habitat on 2 occasions and has returned to the streets of San Pedro in the border area with the Chipinque Park.

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