Professor Eijkman Confirms There is One New Covid-19 Variant Case in Indonesia – Director of the Institute for Molecular Biology Eijkman (LBME) Professor Amin Soebandrio confirmed that his party had found one case a new variant of the corona virus E484K in Indonesia, which was first discovered in South Africa.

“We just found one found in an Indonesian, from a hospital. But in other world there are already many,” said Professor Amin when contacted by, Monday (6/4/2021).

According to Professor Amin, there is not much information about this E484K variant, but he suspects that its properties are not much different from the B.1.1.7 variant which was first discovered in the UK.

As for B.1.1.7, it was found that 70 percent could spread faster than the existing corona variant and spread earlier in Wuhan, China. “It is similar in nature to B.1.1.7 although it is not too prominent,” he said.

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The thing that needs to be highlighted according to Professor Amin is that the E484K variant is thought to be transmitted faster than B.1.1.7, so that there will be more people who will be infected. It is even said to be able to escape from the immune system (antibodies), including those produced from vaccines.

“One way of transmission may be faster, more people will be infected, and his ability to escape (escape) the vaccine,” he said.

Professor Amin’s alleged ability to be immune from vaccines is what worries him. Although there is not enough evidence or further research to answer this.

Even so, according to the man who is also Professor of Clinical Microbiology, University of Indonesia, admitted that it is in the nature of viruses to carry out mutations.

Meanwhile, the E484K variant is one of the variants that is quite highlighted because the existing Covid-19 vaccine has not proven its ability to ward off this variant.

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Recent clinical trials by Novavax and Johnson & Johnson have shown that their new vaccine is less effective in South Africa than in the UK or US, which may be due to high levels of viruses carrying the E484K mutation.


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