Profile of Agus Retired Police Becomes Silver Man: Once Served in East Timor

TEMPO.CO, Semarang – Agus Dartono, retired police officer who became manusia silver in the city of Semarang admitted that he had served in Timor Leste. He was arrested by the Semarang City Civil Service Police Unit while begging as a silver man at the Yos Soedarso Arterial Road intersection heading to General Ahmad Yani International Airport Semarang City on Friday, September 24, 2021.

Agus was assigned to go to Timor Leste or East Timor, which was still Indonesian territory, when the popular consultation was held in 1999. “As a police officer, I was ordered to go,” he said on Monday, September 27 2021.

He claimed to have been in the area formerly known as East Timor for a year. After that, Agus returned to work in the Semarang City area. The 61-year-old man said he joined the National Police in 1982 and retired in 2018 with the last rank of Adjunct Inspector of Police Two.

According to Agus, he has become a silver man for the past week. At first he saw people begging in that way and was intrigued. “I saw a silver man looking for easy money. I didn’t have any money,” he said.

Currently Agus is also taking on a debt at a bank. He took out a bank loan after retiring from the police force. Part of his pension is used to pay off the debt. Agus also still has a child who is studying at a university in the city of Semarang.

Deputy Chief of the Big City Resort Police Semarang Adjunct Senior Commissioner Iga Dwi Perbawa Nugraha said he was trying to find a job for Agus. “For example as security and all the requirements remain in place, “he said.

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According to him, after his retirement, Agus did not communicate with the Union Retired Police. “Because he is not active, he may be carrying the burden himself,” said Iga.


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