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Training 1992-1998

Degree in ADE, ESADE

"My father was an institute teacher and, as a child, I liked to reason with him. I've always liked art, but I'm also quite analytical and quantitative. Finally, I chose ADE with the idea of ​​developing the creative part later. And that's what I did. In "start-ups", creativity is very important to have new and brilliant ideas, but we must also think about the economic parameters "


Masters in International Management, Thunderbird School of Global Management (USA)


MBA, London Business School

As a child he listened and went to the mountain, a hobby that he still practices with his wife and daughters of 5 and 1 years. The photo comes from a family trip that they did with some friends. His other great passion is traveling the world

Working experience


Commercial development and marketing, Johnson & Johnson (Madrid)

"To study the degree, I applied for credits and I spent my first two years of salary to republish them"


Senior Consultant, Monitor Group (Madrid)

"We have created business plans for new companies or big companies that have opened new divisions, coinciding with the internet bubble, I saw that I wanted to go deep into the world of finance and decided to go to London to do an MBA. 39; I also paid with credits "


Associate, Merrill Lynch


Vice President, BNP Paribas (London)

"In London, I stayed for two years working for two investment banks, advising them to merge and acquire technology companies"

"The main challenge was, with 29 years, to have a dialogue with you with CEOs and senior managers of large companies on issues as important as buying, selling or making a strategic alliance of hundreds of millions"


Director of investments, high capital

"I got married in 2010 and we would like to go back to Barcelona to start our family, which contributed to my desire to dedicate myself to entrepreneurship and I have the opportunity to work for the most important venture capital fund. Southern Europe "

"It was a very enriching experience, Social Point, one of the companies with which I was most attached, was sold last year of 275 million"


CFO and consultant, CARTO

"I found a company in Madrid called Carto." Nauta did not want to invest, but she was interested in me and I was a financial director, and in two and a half years we have gone from 10 to 120 workers and reached 28 million in funding "

With his partner, Carlos Blanco, in a conference. Considering the reference business angels, they created the Encomenda fund, which invests not only in seed companies, but also advises them on other topics


Partner and co-founder of Encomenda

"Together with Carlos Blanco, my current partner, we had started investing in very initial start-ups, which were not just an entrepreneur with PowerPoint, and in 2016 we decided to create a fund dedicated to enhancing projects in the very early stages"


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