Profit and Loss Having a Black Car

Friday, July 1 2022 – 20:46 WIB

VIVA – Color is one of the things that people pay attention to, when they want to buy mobil. There are those who like bright and different colors, but there are also those who prefer standard colors such as black or white.

Cars with black color are often identified with a luxurious and masculine impression, it’s no wonder that many luxury vehicles with this color are milling about on the highway.

However, it turns out that the black color of the car can also have some negative impacts. The following is a list of advantages and disadvantages of choosing a vehicle with that color, quoted: VIVA Automotive from the page, Friday 1 July 2022.

Advantages of a black car

Illustration of a black car.

The main factor that makes car manufacturers always issue their products with black paint, namely because it can have a psychological effect. The impression displayed by these colors is an elegant, masculine and firm image.

Black is also categorized as a neutral color in car paint, apart from white and silver. These three colors are considered superior, because they are liked by many people and can keep the resale value of their products high.

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