Project Lilith: A Dark New Action RPG For PC That Invites Us To Revenge

Project Lilith is the new title announced that will delight fans of Dark Souls, Nioh O Bloodborne. Developed by PlayWay and the study Soro Games, the game will be available on PC (Steam), and is presented as a bet on the genre RPG. Through a story of revenge and pain, users will travel through demon infested lands to find the person who ruined their lives: Lilith. Following the formula of the games of third person action, we leave you next with your ad trailer:

Project Lilith: A tale of revenge and action

They have cursed you, they have betrayed you. Now is the time for revenge! “, Is the premise with which it starts Project Lilith. “Travel through different lands to find the culprit: Lilith“. In turn, the developers anticipate that we will have to be” prepared “, since the journey that we will find before our eyes will be “a bloodshed”. In this sense, they add: “Kill everything in your way to find the ones who destroyed your life!

Throughout their adventure, players will be able to find different weapons and equipment, which can be combined to adapt the style fighting to suit everyone. “Grab a sword and shield or go full throttle with two huge swords,” the creators detail. In this way, they anticipate that Project Lilith to offer a wide range of different weapons to choose. We can find all these objects exploring every corner of the stage that will be at our disposal.

“Kill everything in your way to find the ones who destroyed your life!”

Furthermore, on our way we will also find different sellers with which we can trade. “Trade, buy and sell your loot. Revenge has a price, so be prepared to spend some money on your updates “, they point out from Soro Games. In addition, the game world will be dotted with so-called Altars of Power, where we can manufacture also our own resources.

Regarding the combat system, we can expect to be immersed in a fierce, fierce and ruthless fighting. We can use different combos, taking advantage of unique features of each type of weapon. In addition, we can learn spells and release the anger within us to unleash powerful magic attacks.

We remind you that Project Lilith to be available on PC, but from Soro Games have not confirmed its release date. For more information, you can visit their page Steam. Below you can find yours image gallery:


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