"Project Longbow": more charges against ManCity

The Spanish League asks for punishments for citizens and PSGs

Manchester City is under pressure in the wake of the revelations of Football Leaks. It is said that the club around owner Sheikh Mansour has transferred millions of dollars, stipulated sponsorship contracts and deceived even image rights. If this were true, the citizens would be faced with harsh penalties.

Will it be Manchester City soon? The English champion has to deal with serious charges.

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According to documents shared by the "Der Spiegel" magazine and the EIC research network, the Sheikh has made masked payments to his club for years, which would violate the Financial Fair Fair (FFP) guidelines. The fraud was made with the sponsors, who would have to pay much less than what was stipulated in the contract. The difference then flowed from the sheik's private fortune.

Thus, for example, the airline Etihad has transferred only seven million euros, the remaining 52 million have paid the Abu Dhabi United Group (ADUG). A holding company in which Sheikh Mansour belongs to the club. Therefore it should also be proceeded with other partners. The evidence allegedly served by mail from the club staff, who is also referred to as "alternative sources", which had been provided by "His Highness". Furthermore, sponsorship contracts should have been backdated on request. Officially, the Sheikh and its partners have invested about 1.46 billion euros in the club in the last ten years.

"Longbow Project"

In another area, Citizens should have deceived to bypass the FFP. It is said that the club has saved millions of dollars by creating a secret society to pay players for their image rights. According to the magazine "Spiegel", ManCity managed to save 30 million euros on marketing expenses. Within the association, the measure should be performed under the code name "Project Longbow" (longbow). The club official, Simon Cliff, explained the name in an e-mail. The longbow was the weapon with which the British had defeated the French in the battles of Crecy and Azincourt. The confrontation is then addressed to president and French Michel Platini, father of Financial Fair Play, who must be "defeated".

UEFA is waiting – the subtle opinion of ManCity

UEFA announced on Tuesday the request by SID not to be able to comment on individual cases due to reserved commitments that UEFA must respect. The governing body seems to be waiting to see from which source the Football Leaks have drawn. Data obtained illicitly could hardly be used as evidence. Citizens have responded to the charges so far only with a subtle declaration. It was "a clear attempt to damage the club's reputation," he said, when it was "secret talks" presumed and banned with the then UEFA General Secretary Gianni Infantino. Objective at the moment: the minimum penalty possible for violations of the FFP. In 2014, City was fined 60 million euros and was therefore excluded from the Champions League. According to the FFP regulations, an owner can compensate the deficit only in a small part with private goods.

"Of course, they want to follow the rules, they do what they have to do. I'm completely honest. I do not know what was happening exactly."Manager ManCity Pep Guardiola

For the apparent displacement of millions between Abu Dhabi and Manchester so far there are no irrefutable proofs – similar to Paris St. Germain and Qatar. The agreement with UEFA four years ago is also likely to have happened because super-wealthy investors should have threatened the governing body in the event of exclusion from the Champions League with a lawsuit.

The Spanish league invites UEFA to take action

The Spanish football league has now asked UEFA to take action against the English champions and the PSG. "UEFA should now intervene, implement the existing rules and introduce all the necessary sanctions," said Liga spokeswoman Joris Evers of the British newspaper "The Times". "UEFA should do its job and enforce FFP." Liga president Javier Tebas wrote to UEFA a year ago, according to the Times, demanding that Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain be punished for their actions.

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