Promo List August 17, 2022: McD, Pizza Hut, to JCO

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – In commemoration RI 77th Anniversarysome restaurants offer special promos on August 17, 2022.

The August 17, 2022 promo offered is in the form of discounts or discounts on food or drink menus.

There are several restaurants that offer August 17 promo 2022 among them, McD, Pizza Hutto JCO.

But purchase August 17 promo 2022 there are terms and conditions that apply.

Here’s a list August 17 promo 2022 summed up

1. McD

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McDonald’s (McD) is giving a special promo RI 77th Anniversary.

Quote from Instagram @mcdonaldsid, August 17 promo 2022 is offered in the form of Catering Packages starting from Rp. 19,545.

Later, in the Catering Package, you will get 1 Chicken McD1 Rice and 1 Drink.

This promo can be booked for 17s events in your complex.

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